5 Disturbing REAL Alien Encounters

Alien Covenant is almost here, but the Real Aliens and Ufos have been here for a while.
There are ufo sightings and alien sightings abound. Check out these Real Alien Sightings!
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Did ancient aliens visit us in the past? Are alien movies only a slight glimpse into our conspiracy filled reality? Well, these aliens may not be caught on tape, but these sightings of paranormal activity and supernatural beings will have you more than ready for alien 2017. So get out of those ghost videos and ghost hunters our of here, it’s time to give those grey aliens the lime light! Enjoy these 5 Disturbing Real Alien Encounters!

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Top 5 Real Aliens and encounters with extraterrestrials, alien life, and uknown animals are true horror stories from Subscribers!
– An Alien Encounter in Suffield Ohio – Real Alien Sighting in the forest by Boligard
– Transparent Ship – Real UFO Sighting in New York by Kenyata B
– I Want to Know What Tried to Attack Us – Dangerous Animal or Alien Creature Attack by Jacks
– Grey New World – Grey Aliens are Real or Glitch in the Matrix by Supermom33
– Alien Abduction during Sleep Paralysis by Riley H.

Top 5 UFO sightings and true alien encounters are horror stories, creepy glitches, and true paranormal activity that are true scary stories from subscribers.
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